Mid-'90s Emo Nostalgia Continues with Christie Front Drive Reissues

Mid-'90s Emo Nostalgia Continues with Christie Front Drive Reissues
We mentioned Christie Front Drive in a Get Up Kids article a while back, and we weren't just trying to show off how we were totally emo back in the day. We just wanted to give a bit of credit to one of the best mid-'90s emo bands around. And it turns out that Magic Bullet Records wants to do the same.

If those upcoming Braid reissues have you nostalgic for that rather exciting era of second-gen emo then you'll have to get on board for the upcoming Christie Front Drive reissues that Magic Bullet Records has announced it will be doing this spring. The label will be reissuing the band's only full-length studio album, the excellent Stereo, as an LP/DVD or CD/DVD and the Discography two-LP/CD, presumably the band's already-released single-disc discography album, plus other tracks, as the label has said it will contain, literally, all their other recorded material.

Other info, like a firm release date, is sparse, but we did find one of the Magic Bullet dudes talking about the reissues on a message board, where he reveals the DVD accompanying Stereo will contain footage of the band's final show, which was originally recorded on VHS.

This comes hot on the heels of a couple of the CFD guys getting together at Magic Bullet's record and skate retail shop for an acoustic set in January. The band - whose minor claim to fame is a split seven-inch with Jimmy Eat World, as well as a CFD dude contributing those nice vocals at the 3:36 mark of "Digits" on Jimmy Eat World's Static Prevails - played a full reunion set in September of 2007 at DenverFest III. Could a full-on reunion be in the works?

Christie Front Drive were together from 1993 to 1997 and originally released albums on once-mighty indie labels like Crank! and Caulfield.

Our guess for next reissue and/or reunion? Easy: Mineral. Mark our words.