Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney Call Off Divorce Proceedings

They will attempt to reconcile by staying together for at least the next six months

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Sep 13, 2022

After a tumultuous past few weeks, Michelle Branch and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney have decided to hold off on their divorce proceedings for at least six months. 

In an attempt to reconcile, the couple will "participate in counselling services to effectuate reconciliation and/or may resume living together as husband and wife," according to documents obtained by Pitchfork. The musicians have two young children together.

Branch and Carney originally announced their divorce a few weeks ago after Branch accused Carney of cheating on her with his manager and was subsequently arrested for domestic assault. Said charges have since been dropped.

On top of reconciling with Carney, Branch's new album The Trouble with Fever — which is co-produced by the pair — arrives on September 16.

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