Michael Mayer / Various Immer 2

By now, Michael Mayer’s reputation in the annals of electronic music is carved in stone. From his legendary DJ sets to "Love is Stronger than Pride” to scene-defining compilations to behind-the-scenes ingenuity to that album (Touch) he put out two years ago, the man has proven that insatiable resolve, a laidback attitude, and a fine ear can reap respect, accolades, and a damn fine living. And although he’s been around for over a decade now, his status in North America began its meteoric ascent with none other than the first Immer mix, a 2002 compilation that became a bible of sorts for progressive house listeners of the time. Now, four years later Mayer returns with a sequel mix to reflect where the times have taken the music. Problem is, the aura of potential that surrounded house music in 2002 has dissipated somewhat. The first three selections by Someone Else, Ian Simmonds and Brooks would have sounded at home on the first Immer. Frank West’s "2nd Booty” makes an interesting transition one of this year’s better discoveries, Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb. Justus Kohncke, Lindstrom, the Rice Twins, SCSI-9, and Jesse Somfay keep the momentum high from thereon in, making Immer 2 a good mix, indicative of its times but, unlike the first Immer, unable to transcend them. (Kompakt)