Michael Bublé Ran Toward Polar Bears While Drunk on the Beach in Churchill, Manitoba

"Sometimes I wonder about that — how close I was to being like, a little polar bear lunch"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 16, 2024

It's January, so you might expect our very own Father Christmas to be back in hibernation until the next holiday season. But in fact, Michael Bublé has been doing quite the opposite and soaking up the sun in Los Angeles while taping an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show that aired today.

The segment sees host and resident vocal diva Kelly Clarkson ask the Canadian crooner about what her producers have labelled as a "crazy near-death polar bear encounter."

Although appearing a bit confused at first, Bublé obliges and recounts the time he almost died at a wrap party for one of Canadian-American actor Barry Pepper's films in Churchill, MB, when they drunkenly ran down the beach toward a bunch of the apex predators.

"I think, in the moment, we were like, 'You know what we should do? We should, like, race down the beach,'" Bublé remembered of partying with Pepper. "And so me and him and another guy came running down this beach, and a guy that lived there just started swearing."

He went on to say that the local was "screaming bloody murder" at the tipsy trio, trying to warn them of the danger. "We didn't realize we were running to our certain death," Bublé said. "Because there were polar bears all down the beach. And yes, they're the most aggressive — but God, they're so cuddly."

"Sometimes I wonder about that — how close I was to being like, a little polar bear lunch," the singer added thoughtfully, clearly having a greater appreciation for the delicate line we toe between life and death each and every day.

If Bublé had become bear bait, who would've made use of his basement hockey rink? Anne Murray?

Watch the clip below.


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