Mia Doi Todd The Ewe and the Eye

Way back in 1997, Mia Doi Todd sat down and recorded this first album in one evening, but that remarkable achievement has long been lost to the public. Thankfully reissued, it completely affirms why people are still drawn to her original, remarkable voice. While the style here — guitar and voice — is as simple as it can get, the variations and emotions really shine through, allowing subtle joy as her voice trembles or gathers strength. The musical centrepiece here is "True Love,” which is breathtaking in the slight variation of her quietly searing voice that rises and falls many times. Also included are three newly recorded interpretations of these old songs and, of them, "Johnny Appleseed” provides the most insight into Doi Todd’s progression. While the older version was stunning in its intimacy, the newer version turns that mere sketch into a full-blooded song. It’s still just voice and guitar, but Doi Todd has more confidence in both abilities and the song goes from charming to sublime. For those who love Vashti Bunyan or Julie Doiron, Ewe just as easily melts our tender hearts. (SunnyOneDummy)