"Hit That"

BY Cam LindsayPublished May 11, 2007

Anticipation for M.I.A.'s second album is, well, it's about as high as it was for Arular, but her follow-up is no doubt a priority for all of the hounds on torrent sites sniffing around for the latest leaks.

According to her UK label XL, "Hit That" is not in fact planned to make an appearance on the forthcoming Kala, which is scheduled to come out here through Interscope on August 7. Knowing that, of course, raises its value as something to cherish, but it only takes one listen to understand why it didn't make the cut.

Anything new by this genre defier is always reason to get excited, but "Hit That" falls short of the squawking madness of her recent "Bird Flu" single. The beat doesn't stray far from anything off Arular, and really only sounds like a series of door slams looped for the song's entirety. Truth be told, other than a shout out to the boys to let her see you "hit that," and the amusing nod to "Rump Shaker," this reeks of a b-side future. Expect attention for this to last only till something from the album surfaces - which should be any second I expect.
M.I.A. "Hit That"

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