M.I.A. Reveals Details About Next Album

M.I.A. Reveals Details About Next Album
M.I.A. recently delivered her "Bad Girls" single on a USB pendant, but the tune should also arrive later this year on her tentatively titled Matangi full-length. The rapper/singer has now revealed the LP should hit retailers this December.

The musician fielded a handful of questions about the upcoming album through her Twitter account today (August 7), and confirmed that not only will the LP be dropping during the Christmas season, but so too will a book, art exhibition and a documentary. Details have yet to arrive in full for any of the projects, however.

As for the follow-up to 2010's ///Y/, when asked about which producers helped out with the set, she responded "ones that dont act like fame whore coloniser," which some suspect may be a dig at former collaborator Diplo.

M.I.A. also described the collection as "Paul Simon on acid" and confirmed that "Bad Girls" is on the LP. Considering the musician received some backlash over ///Y/, she also noted that "[no] one in the industry collected blows in the last 3 years as much as me, this is a fuck you to them and a thank you to you."

While she hinted that Matangi could have as many as 15 songs, M.I.A. posted a picture of what could be an obscured tracklisting that brings the final cut down to 11 tracks. You can see that photo here, or peep the partial info down below. You'll note that the list doesn't feature "Bad Girls."

Mantagi potential tracklist:

1. Bring the No--

2. Come Walk with Me

3. Refugee-In-Tent

4. Have It A--

5. People

6. Only 1

7. Rain

8. You My Love

9. Better Sw--

10. Balcony In B--

11. Tentple