M.I.A. "Come Walk With Me" (preview)

M.I.A. 'Come Walk With Me' (preview)
Over the weekend, M.I.A. reminded us that she's known for more than just flipping off millions of Super Bowl viewers by delivering a preview of a new track called "Come Walk With Me" off her upcoming album Matangi.

Yesterday (April 29), the controversial singer tweeted: "mannnnnnn , days like this i wanna jus upload the songs right now and go clime the himalays with ikhyd on my back."

And sure enough, a couple hours later she delivered a snippet of a new track. Paired with a video that features a roomful of people busting out their best dance moves, "Come Walk With Me" is damn catchy from what we've heard so far.

Check out the minute-and-a-half clip of "Come Walk With Me" below.