MGMT Are Teasing a New Album on Reddit

It might be called 'Loss of Life'

Photo: Brad Elterman

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Sep 22, 2023

Andrew VanWyngarden may have spilled the beans on a new MGMT album. The musician took to Reddit to share what looks like a test pressing for a new release, which he previously hinted may be coming this year.

The photo shows a coverless stack of records titled "Test Pressings" with a banana sitting on top. "Elf of soils" is digitally scribbled on top of the image. "It automatically remembered my login info actually," VanWyngarden titled the post, one of many he's made on the MGMT subreddit this year.

Fans are guessing that "elf of soils" is an anagram for "Loss of Life." Six months ago, VanWyngarden posted a photo with the caption, "Just got done cooking L.O.L." He also replied to a fan's comment earlier in the year, typing, "I'd say there's a 99.999% chance MGMT releases a new full-length album sometime in 2023."

MGMT's last studio album remains 2018's excellent Little Dark Age, though they released the live album 11.11.11. last year. They also released the one-off track "In the Afternoon" in 2019.
it automatically remembered my login info actually
byu/SnailOnTheSlope inmgmt
byu/Jackthesmackcrack from discussion
Just got done cooking L.O.L.
byu/SnailOnTheSlope inmgmt

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