Members of Supergrass to Become Diamond Hoo Ha Men

Members of Supergrass to Become Diamond Hoo Ha Men
Following the release of Supergrass’s Diamond Hoo Ha Men album earlier this year, it seems the band’s Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey are turning the album’s title into a full-on band name. While talking to BBC 6music, Goffey revealed he and the old Gazzer are in the midst of doing a new album, which will drop the Supergrass name in favour of Diamond Hoo Ha Men.

The pair previously toured as Diamond Hoo Ha Men, adopting the alter egos Duke Diamond and Randy Hoo Ha while Supergrass bassist Mickey Quinn was recovering from an injury he sustained after falling out of a first-floor window. However, this will mark the first time the side-project will release their own full-length album.

However, details on this new Hoo Ha are scarce at this point. "It's classified, honestly, really it is," Goffey told the BBC. "We just got back to Australia so we’ve been doing a little tour with Supergrass. We're doing a little Diamond Hoo Ha album, just me and Gaz, but I can't really say what it is."

In other Supergrass news, the band recently split with long-time label EMI after 14 years. Speaking with Australia’s Herald Sun, Coombes disclosed the reason for the move, saying, ‘‘I suppose you could say it was mutual. We asked if they could not pick up the next album and they said OK… It was crazy. ‘We were left completely stuffed on [Diamond's third single] "Rebel in You,” budget-wise, and we were left with nothing to do, no resources. So we got a bit shafted, really, 'cos of the turmoil EMI's in at the moment.”

Coombes added that the band’s options are wide open and they’re quite content. ‘‘It's good for us. It's a liberating feeling. It makes the next record probably more exciting than it would have been, because the prospect before would have been ‘Another record with EMI, shit, are they gonna do the business?' We had a couple of options that we could have done two or three years ago, to leave EMI, which looked really cool. But we thought, ‘Well, Parlophone have been amazing… But, they fucked it up. So we're doing our thing now.''

Supergrass are currently wrapping up a few more UK tour dates in support of Diamond Hoo Ha Men, the album, not the band.

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