Besnard Lakes' Jace Lasek and Young Galaxy's Stephen Ramsay Unveil Debut as Light Conductor

Stream the 11-minute "A Bright Resemblance" from the pair's new album 'Sequence One'

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 15, 2019

Jace Lasek of the Besnard Lakes and Stephen Ramsay of Young Galaxy have joined forces for a new project called Light Conductor. Their debut album Sequence One is due out March 8 via Constellation Records.
The project hears Lasek and Ramsay combining elements of ambient electronic music and space rock, with a psychedelic twist. The pair have been working together on modular synth "slow jams" for years, eventually recording a complete album at Lasek's Breakglass Studio in Montreal.
Sequence One opens with "A Bright Resemblance," a sprawling 11-minute track that opens with an eerie X-Files-esque vibe before launching listeners into space and softening the sound — almost giving the effect of floating away from earth.
The final song, meanwhile, features Ramsay's former Young Galaxy counterpart Catherine McCandless on backing vocals.
See the full tracklising for Sequence One below. You can also stream a &-minute excerpt from the space odyssey that is "A Bright Resemblance."
Sequence One:
1. A Bright Resemblance
2. Chapel Of The Snows
3. Far From The Warming Sun
4. When The Robot Hits The Water
5. Light Conductor

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