Members of the Acorn Release Album as Silkken Laumann

Members of the Acorn Release Album as Silkken Laumann
Folksy Canadian outfit the Acorn haven't released a new album since 2010's No Ghost, but the band's frontman Rolf Klausener and drummer Pat Johnson have ushered in 2014 by releasing a full-length with their new project Silkken Laumann.

The Ottawa-based group is rounded out by Adam Saikaley and Gary Franks. They released their eight-song debut Not Forever Enough on New Year's Day (January 1). It can be streamed below, or downloaded for free at Mediafire.

For Klausener and Johnson, this album marks a big change from the Acorn. The songs mix electronic beats with organic-sounding percussion, as urgent electronic dance grooves mingle with tuneful vocals and atmospherically synth-driven instrumentation.

Silkken Laumann posted Not Forever Enough on their website along with the message, "Here she is, scars and all. Liner notes & artwork included with download. Find us on the interwebs and talk at us. We love you much."

When asked on Facebook if the album would be available on vinyl, Saikaley responded, "Not yet, but soon enough."

Thanks to CBC Music for the tip.