Mekons Punk Rock

Though definitely not their strongest album to date, this classic political pop punk band can still manage to thrill their audiences. Punk Rock, I suppose, is punk rock, though it’s strange post-new-wave pop rock approach with harmonised violins and the like gives this album a progressive edge. Jon Langford's anthemic ways are still ever present, and the DIY-sounding recording also gives a unique touch to the record. However vocally and lyrically, there is a sense of tiredness that permeates. But this isn't the 1970s or ’80s and let's face it, with the mighty Strummer gone, there will be a hole in the music world forever that this band cannot and shouldn’t even attempt to fill. So definitely go ahead and buy this album, but consider it a non-fully-realised left field curio within the collection of a band's body of work that is otherwise stellar. (Quarterstick)