Mekons Fear and Whiskey

Originally released in 1985 on their own SIN Recordings label, Leeds, UK's the Mekons' Fear And Whiskey is considered to be the original alt-country record and an essential 1980s punk record to own. Politically and musically they are in the spirit of the Clash and the Gang of Four, but their rough country, off-kilter, drunken communist execution is more along the lines of the Band's Big Pink era. It's the drunken spirit and ultra-realistic concerns in their lyrics that are the key to this record, while the slight ’80s electro beat and neo-traditional rock folk is medicinally cathartic and much needed for times of oppression. This is an essential purchase, restored to its original form and remastered to the tits, with the jewel case awaiting your beer to be rested upon it. (Quarterstick)