Megan Hamilton Recruits Jim Bryson for New 'Snow Moon' EP

Megan Hamilton Recruits Jim Bryson for New 'Snow Moon' EP
In 2009, we praised the "distinctive atmosphere and a mesmerizing sonic quality" of Megan Hamilton's album See Your Midnight Breath in the Shipyard. She has kept relatively silent since then, but that will change with the August 6 release of her bite-sized Snow Moon EP.

The collection contains a modest three songs, which were produced by Jim Bryson at North of Princess Recording Studio in Kingston, ON. These will be released digitally, with limited-edition CDs made available initially in a pre-order.

The EP is said to offer lush songs that feature guest musicians on violin, double bass and drums, with Hamilton and Bryson both contributing vocal and various instruments.

According to a press release, "[Bryson's] knack for blending the traditional sounds of acoustic guitars, violin, double bass, piano and ukulele with electric guitars, drones run through various machines, recorded sounds, slide guitar, layers of vocal and other ambient and unique sounds is well displayed."

These three songs were written over the span of several years, in which time Hamilton has had a child, worked full time, taken a university course and moved from Toronto to Kingston.

Steam the subdued, folksy "Tuesdays Are the Loneliest Nights" below. Also below, see Hamilton's upcoming Ontario tour schedule and the EP tracklist.

Hamilton intends to record a full-length with Bryson at North of Princess Recording Studio over the winter of 2013-2014. In the meantime, look for to stream Snow Moon next month.

Snow Moon:

1. I Paid My Way in Pennies
2. Tuesdays Are the Loneliest Nights
3. I Always Wanted to Visit Seattle

Tour dates:

8/9 Thornbury, ON - Bruce Wine Bar
8/10 Owen Sound, ON - Mudtown Music and Arts Festival