Megan Hamilton "I Always Wanted to Visit Seattle" (video)

Megan Hamilton 'I Always Wanted to Visit Seattle' (video)
Last month, Ontario songwriter Megan Hamilton took a trip down memory lane by sharing her first-ever demos from 2004. Now, moving back into the present, she has unveiled a music video from last year's Snow Moon EP with "I Always Wanted to Visit Seattle."

The footage that accompanies this dramatically slow-moving, orchestra-inflected piano ballad was crowd sourced from fans. It consists of some some homemade-looking shots of folks lip-syncing, miming on instruments, goofing around and, in some cases, looking at the camera with slightly unsettling intensity.

Hamilton chose today (February 14) to release the video, not because it's Valentine's Day, but because tonight will be a snow moon (the full moon that occurs in February).