Maylee Todd

Choose Your Own Adventure

BY Kevin JonesPublished Jun 21, 2010

Anyone expecting to find the unpredictable quirkiness common to a Maylee Todd live set captured within may be surprised to hear the incessantly playful singer decidedly reserved (though no less creative) on her aptly titled debut, Choose Your Own Adventure. That reference to choice likely alludes to the impressive number of sounds and influences the sprightly vocalist and musician manages to pack into the record's ultra-brief 25-minute runtime, all of which combine to make the record feel unexpectedly expansive. Cuíca-based jungle sounds lead the bossa-based "Summer Sounds" assault before quickly giving way to full-on broken beat rhythms, until the record diverges into a bout of quant doo-wop melodies. Todd's delicate vocals and detailed harp work soothe the soul on the adventurous "Pegwee Power!!!," while the star and her talented backing players channel their united inner funk, complete with dancing horns, a mid-cut drum breakdown and the ringleader's inspired screams on fitting closer "Aerobics In Space." Take it as a satisfying little glimpse at just some of what this artist has to offer.
(Do Right!)

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