Maylee Todd "Pegwee Power"

Maylee Todd 'Pegwee Power'
Last week, we posted a story about Out My Window, an innovative new web documentary that offers audiences a glimpse into 13 different apartments around the world. As part of the Highrise project, it contains images of apartment living accompanied by an impressive soundtrack that featuresJim Guthrie, Maylee Todd, Ratatat and more.

We previously offered up Jim Guthrie's "Little Furnace" as a free download. Now, here is Maylee Todd's "Pegwee Power." Just shy of seven minutes long, it's a bizarre epic, pairing baroque instrumentation with Todd's quirky vocals. It comes from her album Choose Your Own Adventure.

Click the arrow in the player below to download Todd's track.

To check out the documentary, directed by Katerina Cizek, head here.