Matt Andersen

"Honest Man" / "The Gift" on Exclaim! TV

BY Paula ReidPublished Apr 7, 2016

In February, East Coast troubadour Matt Andersen released Honest Man, and while we gushed about the excellent new album in our review, we also noted that "it'll surely pale in comparison to the live renditions," given Andersen's reputation for incredible live performances. With that in mind, we invited the singer to stop by Exclaim! to grace the latest edition of Exclaim! TV with the new material and his rich, soulful voice.

On "Honest Man," Andersen demonstrates his undeniable talent on the guitar while he belts personal lyrics like "It's just so hard out here for an honest man, I keep tryin' to do all I can." Following that is a clip of the optimistic track "The Gift," in which Andersen lays into a chorus that features encouragement you didn't even realize you needed.

Watch Andersen make it all look natural in his raw Exclaim! TV performance below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Kyle Laurin

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