Mates of State My Solo Project

The duelling duo of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel make up Mates of State, San Francisco's answer to the musical marriage. My Solo Project is their first album, one full of the couple blending their vocals to make one voice. Accompanied by their trusty old Yamaha organ (which at times sounds as if it is near its end), a bubbly xylophone and some beeps and blips, the two make some sweet and thoughtful pop music that reflects their obvious feelings for each other. Tracks like "Proofs" and "La'hov" show how comfortable they are singing and shouting together, while "I Have Space" shows they can be delicate as well. The playfulness of Mates of State is what gives this record its charm. It's nice to see that the newlywed couple have a chemistry that can be translated through their music. (Omnibus)