Masego Lady Lady

Masego Lady Lady
If you've been sleeping on Masego thus far, Lady Lady is the perfect opportunity to hop on his bandwagon. On his latest, he's tighter, more polished and sure-footed in his unique sound.
The album is seamless and balanced — each song complements the next perfectly, but no one mood dominates. What shines brightest is Masego's multidimensional personality: he's playful and cheeky on "Old Age" and "24 hr. Relationship" (his homage to Andre 3000's "Where Are My Panties?" interlude is spot on); sultry and cocksure on "Prone"; and infuses a dash of grit on infectious cuts like "Lavish Lullaby" and "Just A Little." The title track, a sure standout, is lush and sophisticated — heavy on jazz influences and reminiscent of the neo-soul movement in his heyday. "Black Love" might be the only slight misstep — it's a pleasant enough track, but sounds slightly forced.
Although Masego could have easily carried the album on his own, smart, well-placed features elevate Lady Lady even further. Guest appearances can sometimes feel like a plea for attention, but Masego's collaboration choices (among them, Tiffany Gouché and SiR) feel like they were made with great care. He exhibits perfect chemistry with his guest stars, and never compromises the integrity of his overall sound.
Sharp, cohesive, and refreshingly different, Lady Lady is a peerless effort with major replay value. If you weren't yet convinced of Masego's star power, this album will win you over. (EQT Recordings)