Mark Hoppus Shares blink-182 2023 Tour Shirt Featuring Matt Skiba, Misspelled Toronto

I miss the old blink-182

Photo: Karen K. Tran

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 31, 2023

Did you hear — Tom DeLonge is back in blink-182! Apparently some T-shirt makers didn't get the memo, however, since Mark Hoppus has shared a photo of a tour T-shirt featuring the band's former singer-guitarist. Oh, and "Toronto is misspelled," too.

Hoppus shared a photo of a T-shirt promoting the band's spring–summer tour, featuring a photo of the band. Presumably it's a cheaply made bootleg rather than an official shirt, because it features an old photo from back when Skiba was in the band.

Making it even worse, the May 11 show (which Exclaim! reviewed) is listed as taking place in "Totonto, ON." Funnily enough, Toronto is spelled correctly for the second show on May 15. Given that the band practically lived here for a while, surely the city could at least be spelled right? Also, Baltimore is spelled "Baltomire."

Frankly, the mistakes make the shirt even cooler. Hoppus captioned the photo "hell yeah," and both blink-182's official account and drummer Travis Barker hopped into the comments. Check it out below.

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