Marc Houle Drift

Marc Houle Already has two albums under his belt that have garnered critical acclaim from journalists and enthusiasts alike, breaking new ground with massively popular dance floor gems like "Bay of Figs," which will forever be etched into the minds of partygoers the world over. For Houle's latest full-length, Drift, he doesn't stray too far from his signature, formulaic, playful arpeggios, haunting, detuned leads and bouncy, two-note bass lines, a sound that made him one of Minus's best-selling artists over the past ten years. Although Drift is seriously lacking invention, Marc's sound has become darker and more introverted than ever, possibly a reflection of the surroundings in his new home of Berlin. "Seeing in the Dark" and "Inside" give a clear glimpse as to where Houle's head currently lies, demonstrating a serious side to the producer's palette, which in itself is a step forward. (Minus)