​Manitoba's Micah Erenberg Teases 'Love Is Gonna Find You' Album with "Just Who I Am" Video

He's also shared another new song called "Sunspill"
​Manitoba's Micah Erenberg Teases 'Love Is Gonna Find You' Album with 'Just Who I Am' Video
Manitoba-born singer-songwriter Micah Erenberg has announced a new album titled Love Is Gonna Find You, and he's teased the upcoming record with two new tracks.
The album was recorded with Alexandre Bonenfant between Toronto, Winnipeg and Erenberg's small Manitoba hometown. It brings together songs as old as ten years old with newer material, whittled down into a collection of ten tracks from more than 80. See that final tracklist below.
The first of those songs to be unveiled is "Just Who I Am," which was inspired by a text conversation with a friend.
"We were talking about our lives as artists and about how it's hard not constantly reconsider everything that you're doing," Erenberg tells Exclaim! "I hope this song can speak to folks who are struggling with self-worth or worth of their work. It's important to know that you're never alone. We're all struggling and we're all making it work, together."
It arrives with a video directed by Matt Williams, which you can check out below.
"Sunspill" has also been released. Erenberg initially wrote the track with a band called Jicah, but revisited it recently to make a version all of his own. Stream that track below, as well.
Love Is Gonna Find You is due out October 11 via Sleepless Records.
Love Is Gonna Find You:
1. Do It For Love
2. What Am I Doing Here
3. The Hardest Thing to Say
4. Into the Night
5. Just Who I Am
6. Love Is Gonna Find You
7. Somewhere Beyond the Ocean
8. Sunspill
9. Bored
10. Wake Me Up When It's Over