Man Commits Suicide at Swell Season Show by Taking Three-Storey Dive

Man Commits Suicide at Swell Season Show by Taking Three-Storey Dive
Singer-songwriter duo the Swell Season were midway through a set yesterday (August 19) at California's Saratoga Mountain Winery when, in a reported suicide, a fan threw himself from the outdoor venue's roof and landed lifeless on the stage in front of the concert's attendees.

Following various witness accounts, San Francisco Weekly reports that the man had climbed up the side of the venue and taken a running start across the roof before jumping. He fell three storeys before landing on one of the stage's speakers.

A witness who emailed San Francisco Weekly claimed that they were standing near the victim before he suddenly disappeared during the show.

"He stood alone and he seemed melancholy and removed from the show... but not necessarily distraught," the witness wrote. "We made eye contact and smiled at each other and shortly after, I noticed he had left.

"Almost immediately, I noticed a figure climbing onto the roof. He pulled himself up on the roof and starting sprinting towards the edge. It's quite a distance and he lost his footing more than once. He kept getting up, determined to follow through."

Witnesses said the man lay motionless on the stage after contact, and a number reported seeing blood around him. Staff at the venue rushed to the man's aid immediately, but were too late.

San Francisco Weekly has a number of other witness reports, which you can read at the bottom of the page here.

The Swell Season have since issued a statement regarding the tragedy: "The band, crew and all involved with them are shocked and saddened by the unfortunate events of last night. Their hearts go out to the victim and his friends and family."

It looks as though the Swell Season will continue their tour tonight in Portland, OR. The band will play in Vancouver on August 22.