Malicious Music Starts with M

Montreal’s Malicious certainly knows exactly what he has to do to make it big in today’s rap game. His debut album, Music Starts with M, contains tracks heavy with hooks and he even has a sleek new video for one of his singles entitled "Breakfast.” There are plenty of cuts about generic themes that could make one think that this is no different from a standard mainstream rap album. However, Malicious takes a step back every now and then, allowing his creativity and perspective on life to break through. Malicious seemingly wants Music Starts with M to purvey that he’s no studio rapper, that he can be a contemporary MC that can draw deep from within and spit personal rhymes, not only rapping about the club but performing in it as well. His shout out to Mr. Smith prior to the opening lines of "Breakfast” is not only paying respect to LL Cool J but perhaps it may actually be more of an homage to someone he can see himself being likened to one day. Malicious’s album is described as "running the gamut from club, radio, party bangers to serious street infused joints.” While this will certainly give him the initial exposure he covets, how that translates over time remains to be seen. (OdoubleF)