Malevolent Creation Warkult

Metal veterans Malevolent Creation are back with yet another record 17 years after their formation, proving that even the eldest of men can still punish the masses with endless blast beats and finely aged tremolo riffage. Unfortunately they’ve fallen victim to their own brutality. There is nothing new to report on this front because they haven't really grown from their previous albums. New members don't always bring new ideas. The second song has a pretty catchy riff and a face melting solo, recovering a bit of gusto within the music. They’re more technically adept than most but fail to do very much with it. The standard double bass backdrop is laden with pummelling guitars and death growls that are pretty much indistinguishable from every other metal band. They break into some grooves but this promise is broken by the mandatory guitar solo. They were certainly an influence on the exploding metalcore of today, but are no longer able to keep up with the pack. (Nuclear Blast)