Majical Cloudz

Fort York Garrison Common, Toronto ON, July 19

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Matthew RitchiePublished Jul 20, 2014

With a long-lost recording between Majical Cloudz' Devon Welsh and TIME Festival headliner Grimes surfacing online earlier in the week, festivalgoers could be heard conversing about whether or not the electronic pair would be reuniting on stage for a rendition of their uncharacteristic "indie rock" number. Nevertheless, it was business as usual for the Canadian two-piece, who delivered a stellar set that mostly fell on deaf ears Saturday afternoon in Toronto.

Hilariously introducing themselves as a band called "Devon and Matt," the minimalist and miserable-sounding electronic duo commenced a set that relied heavily on their recent success, Impersonator. "We come after really intense music and ruin it for everybody," Welsh said, apologizing to the crowd for their well-enunciated and mostly beatless electronic music. Still, there was fun to be had in-between perfect renditions of "Savage" and "Childhood's," as Welsh conversed with the audience and allowed them to ask questions about the band, including his life story, if he had a girlfriend and why he wore the same outfit for every performance. (Answer: "I play the same songs, so why would I change my clothes?")

Although the band played only a handful of songs, closing number "Silver Rings" more than made up for the group's short set and hinted at a higher spot on the marquee next time around.

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