Magda / Various Fabric 49

"Sexy" and "techno" were never used in the same context until Magda started to show her face in modern dance music circles a few years ago. A protégé of Canadian techno legend and Minus Recordings boss Richie Hawtin, Magda has carved out a colourful niche for herself in the sometimes cold world of minimalist dance. Using a modified template, much like Hawtin's Closer to the Edit style of creating new tracks out of small loops, Magda has perfected her style with Fabric 49. Walking delicately on the fence between the sounds of techno and house, Magda gracefully blends two or three ideas at once to create something entirely new; her live amalgamation of Hobo's "Mobius Trip" and Raphael Droor's "Blue" perfectly showcase the power of her unique style. Fabric 49 is a lesson in the art of the loop, giving the Minus family a refreshing boost thanks to their leading lady. (Fabric)