Madchild "Never Die" (video)

Madchild 'Never Die' (video)
After surviving in the rap game this long, not to mention a battle with drug addiction, there's a good chance that Madchild is some kind of immortal. The West Coast rhymer is now presenting his potential godliness in a preview for his upcoming Switched On EP's tellingly titled "Never Die."

Staked out in a green and leafy forest setting, the self-proclaimed "bad hombre" weighs in atop a glamourous Bond-style whirl of female vocals and chimes about his afterlife-indebted convos with zombies. The self-proclaimed "little bad wolf" goes on to torch the mic with lines targeting cynics, and threatening to take an AK to the KKK.

You'll find all of that and a salty shout-out to Pringles down below. Switched On lands September 30 via Battle Axe.