Madchild "The Adventures of Super Beast" (video)

Madchild 'The Adventures of Super Beast' (video)
While it seems as if Madchild has got up to his fair share of mischief over the years, the West Coast rapper casts himself as the defender of the streets in the new superhero-themed vid for his latest single, "The Adventures of Super Beast."

The track, a preview from Madchild's to-be-detailed Super Beast LP, pits more mean bars from the Swollen Members vets atop the kind of dramatic, horns-heavy score you'd expect MF Doom to have copped from a Saturday morning cartoon.

While we hear the self-proclaimed Super Beast vanquishing his foes and chomping on their spines like a nice, ropey Twizzler, we see him soaring through the skies like Superman, dropping the hammer of Mjolnir Thor-style, and punching out an old-timey bank robber on Vancouver's Granville district.

You can catch the comic book-colourful video, also featuring appearances from middle finger-flipping ladies and dance-crazy teddy bears, down below.