Mac Demarco Collaborator Peter Sagar Goes Solo as Homeshake

Mac Demarco Collaborator Peter Sagar Goes Solo as Homeshake
Mac DeMarco's recent success seems to have worked to his bandmates' advantage. Not only does his longtime collaborator Alex Calder have a budding solo career, but DeMarco's live guitarist Peter Sagar has an album coming out under the pseudonym Homeshake.

The Edmonton-born, Montreal-based Sagar, who previously played in Sans Aids and Outdoor Miners, will release his functionally titled The Homeshake Tape on January 29 through Fixture Records. It will be pressed in a limited run of 200 turquoise cassettes, as well as be be available digitally.

A press release notes that these homemade tracks were "recorded by Peter Sagar with the help of Mac DeMarco and [Sheer Agony member] Jackson MacIntosh." DeMarco plays drums in Sagar's live band.

The nine tracks clock in at a modest 25 minutes and mix weirdo-pop atmosphere with lo-fi soul. Sampled interludes are also culled from Google Translate and Dragon Ball Z. To hear it for yourself, stream the album below.

You can also pre-order the cassette and receive an instant download of the whole thing.

The Homeshake Tape:

1. Haters
2. I'm Too Young
3. Northern Man
4. Brothers
5. Sally
6. Gettin' Down
7. Don't Try
8. See Ya
9. Moon Woman