Mac DeMarco "Young Blood" (acoustic version) (video)

Mac DeMarco 'Young Blood' (acoustic version) (video)
Today (July 29) marked the official release of Mac DeMarco's new, lo-fi freebie "Young Blood," as part of this year's Adult Swim Singles series. On top of studio recording, though, the Canadian tunesmith revealed a stripped-down take of the track in a hillside-set video clip.

Down below, you'll find DeMarco talking to Adult Swim about his "warped, slowed-down song about Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe being hockey players" before jumping into a peppy acoustic performance that peppers a hokey, sports announcer play-by-play into its poppy midsection. While saluting the '80s flick of the same name, "Young Blood" is also a tip of the hat to late Swayze ("He had the main mane!" DeMarco praises somewhat smart-assedly).

You can download the studio version of "Young Blood" over here.