Mac DeMarco "Passing Out Pieces" (video)

Mac DeMarco 'Passing Out Pieces' (video)
Squeamish Mac DeMarco fans might want to look away, because the cheeky songwriter has rolled out a video for his Salad Days track "Passing Out Pieces," and it's nothing short of disgusting.

The clip begins with a cooking show called Salad Days that culminates in the host slicing up his own hand. Things get increasingly dark and comical, with DeMarco committing cold-blooded murder, getting into fights, mugging for the camera, and giving birth in a bathtub full of lettuce. It's gory stuff, but the shoddy VHS quality and homemade-looking effects mean that it's not too vivid or realistic.

A description reads, "DeMarco's at it again, except this time he's seen to [sic] much! Out for revenge with seemingly no good reason, no one is safe with this cretin roaming the street. There's blood on his hands and he's washing them clean, with more blood! All his paranoid fantasies have been realized in this disturbed and barbaric world. 'I am become death.'"

Watch the Pierce McGarry-directed clip below.