Mac DeMarco "Dreamin'" (video)

Mac DeMarco 'Dreamin'' (video)
Montreal-based lo-fi guy Mac DeMarco continues to confuse us with the grimy new video for gorgeous 2 tune "Dreamin'." While the song is a woo-pitching piece of late-night pop, with ethereal licks supporting DeMarco's lovey croon, you might not want to cuddle with the dude anytime soon, lest you want to be covered in goop.

The clip has DeMarco parading around town in modified nobility gear (powdered wig, a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit and tattered sneakers), either playing guitar down by the water or ramming a drive-thru burger into his twisted maw.

By the end of the video, he inexplicably gets covered in slime and red food colouring while sucking down a Viceroy. The mucousy mess left on his chest may be the sickest thing we've seen in 2013 so far.

Director Jason Harvey has this to say about the clip: "Mac and I spent a beautiful fall afternoon driving around some mostly hideous Quebec suburbs just rocking out and trying to make some magic happen. The end result is a bit like 18th century teenager slacker hangs out in some mall parking lots and slowly descends into insanity."

You can check out the nastiness down below.