Lucero vs. Touring Tips!

Lucero vs. Touring Tips!
Lucero have made their name as a proper touring rock and roll band. In a media-saturated era where it's just as easy to sell thousands of records without ever leaving your hometown, bands like Lucero are a dying breed; they've made their name and their life on the road, and it inevitably shapes the kind of people they become and the kind of music they create. So basically, the members of Lucero are unstoppably rad, and their music is fucking amazing.

Despite being on the road for, like, 200 days a year for the last ten years, Lucero haven't been to Toronto for seven years. So their triumphant return to a sold-out show at the Horseshoe Tavern was a pretty huge deal for people who like good bands. Along with openers Yesterday's Ring (who were featured here a little while back), the show delivered a pretty much perfect night of country-played-by-punks glory. As if apologizing for their lengthy absence from our fine city, Lucero probably played their whole catalogue. Seriously, it was a long, spectacular night.

This interview was a lot of fun. Ben Nichols has the most insane voice I've ever had the fortune of hearing. I have wonderful dreams where I wake up able to talk / sing like that. And Brian Venable is just a nice dude. Can you tell I like Lucero?

Check out a real interview with the band here on Wednesday.

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