Lowell "Ride" (ft. Icona Pop)

Lowell 'Ride' (ft. Icona Pop)
Need a new song for your road trip? Well, Canadian singer Lowell has teamed up with Icona Pop for a new track partly inspired by Augusta and Adeline Van Buren, the first women to travel across the U.S. by motorcycle. The revved-up anthem for all you freedom-seeking speed demons out there is called "Ride."

The track is a mix of starry-eyed shouts and melodic cries from all involved and is backed by a ride-or-die jungle break beat and sweetened synth tones. The track presents a live-for-the-moment narrative, which calls for us to let our hair down and go wild until the road runs out.

Lowell told Fader that the song "is for everyone out there who has been called 'abrasive' for being bold, a 'rebel' for rioting, a 'shit-disturber' for disrupting the status quo, and, most of all, for all the bad-asses who get called 'bitchy' for being boss."

As the song puts it, "Have a bitch fit/We don't give a shit!"

You can stream it down below.