If I Am Only My Thoughts

BY Jonathan St. MichaelPublished Jan 29, 2020

Since their self-titled debut in 2016, Victoria, BC band Loving have remained relatively quiet, save for a few scattered performances. With their latest release, If I Am Only My Thoughts, the band display an innate talent for lush compositions and soothing melody, capturing a delicate blend of melancholy and optimism.
Loving continue to operate within the same framework of sound that defined their previous work: smooth and rhythmic guitar grounded by gentle percussion and subtle vocals, all of which help create an enveloping atmosphere of tranquility. While other artists may simply fall into routine, If I Am Only My Thoughts feels fresh and diverse, pushing deeper into Loving's style and emerging with a rich and dynamic sound.
The album flows through each arrangement subtly and with ease. Songs like "Lately in Another Time" and "Nihilist Kite Flyer" display the band's flair for serene and harmonic melodies; each song follows its own distinct tune, yet contributes to the general atmosphere of the album.
While the songs on If I Am Only My Thoughts feel gradual and soft, the album nevertheless contains a form of passionate songwriting, catering to feelings of hopefulness and longing.
(Last Gang)

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