The Lovetones Dimensions

With its gently ebbing melodies, Dimensions is a polished pop record layered with lulling psychedelic and country elements. The fourth album by the Lovetones shows the Australian group in solid form, offering graceful ballads, including "When it Comes" and "Look at the Waves," along with cascading pop tunes such as "Journeyman" and "A New Low in Getting High," a track co-written with Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe. The Lovetones front-man Matthew J. Tow is also a former member of BJM and the two bands share a few similarities but Dimensions is a much more restrained affair, sounding closer to the Byrds. On "There is No Sound," the group move with a melancholic starkness that recalls another '60s act: Simon and Garfunkel. While there are many backwards-looking musical moments on Dimensions, the high quality of the Lovetones' songwriting pushes the record decidedly forward, making for an engaging listen. (Planting Seeds)