Lovers Star Lit Sunken ShipStar Lit Sunken Ship

Delicate and powerful, the songs of Lovers certainly fall into the category of songs for lovers - but this isn't simply a smoochy collection either. Traversing the windswept fields of Cat Power, with a hint of Bettie Serveert's Carol Van Dijk, Carolyn Berk avoids the shyness of the former, while backed by a more orchestrated and less poppy band than the latter. Hints of Leonard Cohen condense on this band's pipes too, dripping rhythmic hints into the midst of these heartfelt (but not always heart-warming) odes. Indeed, what makes the Lovers compelling is the edge of roughness that's half-buried beneath the surface of their compelling landscapes. Come for the lovely orchestration and appearance of slow-core compliance; stay for the delightful sense of unease that will creep under your skin. (Orange Twin)