Los Campesinos!

Hold On Now, Youngster!

BY Pras RajagopalanPublished Apr 1, 2008

Welsh collective Los Campesinos! may come from a land inhabited by Super Furry Animals and Zygotic Myncis but their kindred spirits may be American duo Matt & Kim. Like Matt & Kim, there’s irrepressible glee and boundless energy behind every drum beat, plucked string and chant-along chorus. On Hold On Now, Youngster!, they take off at breakneck speed, which you’re almost certain they can’t maintain. But there you are, at the end of the album, having gone full speed with them, violins, synths, glockenspiels and all, but not in the least bit tired. How do they do it? Well, they put all their faith in the power of pop, committing everything they have to the many irresistible hooks here. What they seem to be saying with Hold On Now is that salvation comes not through introspection and reflection but through rounding up a bunch of your best friends and shouting, jumping and dancing until you’re blue in the face. While there’s no shortage of groups employing this ethos (see: Architecture in Helsinki), precious few are as convincing as this bunch. So, put away your copy of Siddartha and find enlightenment by joining this party. Did I forget to mention that the tunes are the best part?
(Arts & Crafts)

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