The Lonesome Valley Singers Corpse Circus Revue

David Chenery, guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter for the Lonesome Valley Singers, is something of a legend within the musical community of their hometown of Victoria, BC. So much so, in fact, that last year he found himself the subject of his very own tribute CD. Corpse Circus Revue, LVS’ second release, shows why Chenery’s fellow songwriters have so much respect for this self-described "misfit fiend turned haggard crooner.” The title track, an appropriately macabre circus tune, opens the album and sets the stage for the ensuing nine tales of death, ghosts and booze. Chenery’s world is one of blackened hearts and "factory skies,” as demonstrated by the deceptively carnival-esque "House of Meat” and the blackly humorous "The Children’s Death March Through A Grey November (Parts 1 and 2).” Chenery also knows his way around a country tune, whether it’s a tear-jerkin’ ballad ("When Will I Be Loved?”), an old-time lament ("Tombstone Yodel) or a honky-tonk stomper ("I Often Long For Home”). (Self-Righteous)