Lone Announces 'Reality Testing' LP, Shares New Song

Lone Announces 'Reality Testing' LP, Shares New Song
In our review of Lone's 2012 album Galaxy Garden, we noted that the British beatmaker also known as Matthew Cutler had incorporated early house and Detroit techno into his sound. By the looks of things, those influences reemerge on his latest effort, Reality Testing, which is due out on June 17 through R&S Records.

Regarding the album's inspiration, Cutler said in a press release, "I was listening to a lot of Detroit techno and old Chicago house that had the same grain and dirtiness to it as a lot of the hip-hop I was listening to. That was the real spark — I wanted to make an album that had both hip-hop and house beats, but that weren't completely different from each other, that shared the same sort of vibe. I love the idea of two things sat side by side, but instead of it seeming like they're complete opposites, [it's more that] those two things could almost be the same thing."

The record is apparently a multifaceted affair that mixes club-oriented material with woozy cuts and moments of beauty. Some of the songs reportedly use candid samples made when Cutler left the microphone running while in the studio.

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear "2 Is 8," which is anchored by a thumping hip-hop beat and sports brassy samples and bright, quirky synths.

Reality Testing:

1. First Born Seconds

2. Restless City

3. Meeker Warm Energy

4. Aurora Northern Quarter

5. 2 Is 8

6. Airglow Fires

7. Coincidences

8. Begin To Begin

9. Jaded

10. Vengeance Video

11. Stuck

12. Cutched Under