The Locust


BY Chris GramlichPublished Aug 1, 1999

Boasting striking B-movie inspired cover (remove Godzilla, add the Locust), along with unusual inlay artwork, song titles and even atypical appearance, the Locust are out redefine the insular world of grindcore by adding a sense of quirkiness. (Song titles like “The Perils of Believing in Round Squares” and “How to Build a Pessimistic Lie Detector,” are proof.) Of course, all of this would simply fall by the novelty wayside if the Locust weren’t such an extremely proficient unit. Short, tense bursts of hardcore/grind are intertwined with keyboards and some truly terrifying vocal destruction. Songs are kept short, and the material on this self-titled mini-disc is catchier than any band this fast, heavy and destructive has a right to be. Grind/hardcore that’s unique, interesting, exemplary and never overstays its welcome.
(Gold Standard Laboratories)

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