Local H The No Fun

As great as the White Stripes may be, there’s now another dynamic duo in town to contend with and they’ve already murdered Donny and Marie Osmond. Local H blend the rumbling sludge rock bass lines of Kyuss with the punk attitude of the Ramones and the Sex Pistols to create something extremely savoury to race geared-up ’70s muscle cars to. Unfortunately, Local H have only released a six-song EP this time out and three of those songs belong to the Ramones ("I Just Want Something to Do”), the Godfathers ("Birth, School, Work, Death”), and Primal Scream ("Fuck Yeah, That Wide”). At 29 minutes in length, it’s simply not enough Local H to listen to and the intoxicated journey is over as quickly as it began. This new school stoner-punk rock is destined to fill a much needed niche somewhere in our diluted present day musical state. Local H will be the next musical saviours, so bow down and worship now. (Thick)