Local H Whatever Happened to PJ Soles?

If the old adage is true that good things come in pairs, it should be updated to accommodate the pairing in Local H because this duo is phenomenal! The dynamic twosome hail from Chicago and possess the sonic rock know-how to deliver 14 meaty tracks without the assistance of a full band and pull it off brilliantly. Immediately some may attempt to correlate this band to other duos like the White Stripes or Duotang, but don’t be mistaken because Local H rock as thick as the earth’s crust and sound as full as Kyuss, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden on any given day. "Everyone Alive” would make an instant radio hit and the caustic anti-California glitter rock anthem, "(No) California Songs” would make anyone from California or New York chant along to the mocking. What better way to honour actress P.J. Soles (Rock’N’Roll Highschool, Carrie, Stripes), whose been missing in action, then to have a sweet noisy rock concoction named after her? (Studio-E)