Lizzo Shuts Down Haters Who Think She Can't Play the Flute

"And now I'm going to play my favourite note in the entire scale: F. Fuck y'all!"

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Nov 12, 2018

Fans know that Lizzo has long been flaunting her fluting ability, but it seems some newcomers to the artist don't believe she can actually play the instrument.
Sure, it's not every day we get to see someone play the flute while twerking, but Lizzo most certainly can, and she just defended her talents in a new video message.
Just last month, Lizzo shared a live clip of her hitting a flute solo and seamlessly hopping back into choreography for "Bye Bitch," and then shared a recording of the track on SoundCloud.
Most of the response was positive.
But it seems Lizzo has received a lot of hate and disbelief, since she finally decided to address naysayers in a video earlier today. In the clip, she explains that people have been doubting that she's a classically trained floutist or claiming that her live videos are fake β€” and then tells them to "shut the fuck up."
She then gives viewers a step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble her flute (named Sasha Flute, of course) and then plays them her favourite note: F. Presumably it stands for, "Fuck y'all."

Watch the hilarious clap back below.
For those who still need more proof, check out some of her finest flute moments below.

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