Lizzo Hosts TED Talk on the History of Twerking

"You've probably seen my heinie before — it's no secret"
Lizzo Hosts TED Talk on the History of Twerking
Twerk queen Lizzo has offered her expertise on her favourite dance move to the ultimate platform of experts: TED Talks. Today, the "Rumors" singer appears in her first-ever TED Talk to explore the history of the dance she's known for.

"In this TED Talk, I'm not trying to gatekeep," she says in the 14-minute presentation, "But I'm definitely trying to let you know who built the damn gate."

After tracing the history of twerking, its African roots, explaining how the dance feels empowering and is a key part of her self-love practice, Lizzo goes on to give a brief tutorial to her audience and even goes into the crowd to twerk among attendees as her song "Tempo" plays.

It's a characteristically fun and informative outing for the pop star, who joked that her appearance is the "first time I've seen people since March 2020."

Watch Lizzo's twerking TED Talk below.