Little Snake


BY Ashley HampsonPublished May 31, 2018

Calgary-based producer Little Snake might not be on the radar of many people, but he's about to be. His latest release ENTER — his first on label Brainfeeder — takes its inspiration from Gaspar Noé's film Enter the Void (described fairly accurately as a psychedelic melodrama by the director himself).
Being signed to Brainfeeder has its perks, as Little Snake has played recently as support for Flying Lotus, while receiving recognition from the likes of Amon Tobin and Noisia. ENTER itself is a three-track EP of epic proportions. It sounds like SOPHIE on meth meets industrial glitch, with a dusting of speedcore and a dash of cumbia spliced in, all while pushing the boundaries of bass music.
Opener "HXD" encompasses every aspect the short EP hopes to portray ― a pounding 4/4 rhythm that rolls in with bouncing percussive backbeat, which all disappears while a scrambled glitchy breakdown occupies its core. The ending nudges a bit of cumbia to its breaking point, increasing the BMP until it folds back on its industrial self. Though short,  ENTER packs a powerful punch that's sure to make waves.

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