Little Kid Reclaim the Country Duet on "All Night (Golden Ring)"

The single comes from the upcoming album 'Transfiguration Highway'
Little Kid Reclaim the Country Duet on 'All Night (Golden Ring)'
Toronto-based band Little Kid are set to release their sixth album, Transfiguration Highway, this summer via Solitaire Recordings, and now they've dropped another new single, "All Night (Golden Ring)."

The track is is a twanging folk-rock number that features a duet between lead vocalist Kenny Boothby and bandmate Megan Lunn. The song explores the relationship between country singers and former married couple George Jones and Tammy Wynette, and is named after their 1976 album Golden Ring, recorded following their divorce in 1975.

Boothby was particularly affected after learning that the couple had divorced due to Jones's abusive behaviour, and that Wynette was pressured into recording with him for commercial reasons after being unable to find as much success with her solo career.

"I was really saddened to read about that, and to picture how that must have felt for Tammy," said Boothby in a statement. "I can't relate directly, but as a survivor of abuse, I can only imagine what it would feel like to have to sing with my abuser, much less to have to sing love songs with him and act like everything is OK."

The new track follows previous singles "Thief on the Cross" and "Losing."

Listen to "All Night (Golden Ring)" below.

Transfiguration Highway will arrive on July 3.